This article is for Enabling Personal Notifications 

Step 1:

  • Turning on Personal notifications can be done by clicking the subscribe tab from your Home page



Step 2:

  • Click on the blue + sign to add notifications



Step 3:

  • To add:
    • Choose the notification you want to add and then choose a Category of notifications that you want to receive
    • Each Category (and there can be more than one) will be associated with one or more Types.  Choose the appropriate type 
    • Check email and SMS (text) boxes as appropriate, click save


Step 4:

  • To change the type:
    • Highlight the notification you want to change (you will only be able to change the Type), when it opens you can make the change, click save


Step 5:

  • To delete: 
    • Highlight the notification you want to delete, when it opens, click delete


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