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Introducing... Jobba Connect!

Our new online portal will help you become more productive, enhance your professional image and help you win more roofing jobs from your clients. With Jobba Connect’s built-in automations, your approved inspection reports, service reports, and invoices are automatically shared with your clients in real-time, while your clients’ service requests and requests for proposals are automatically shared with you so you can act on them immediately and capture more value from them. Plus, enabling real-time job status updates (by email or text) saves you steps and helps to reduce manual errors so you and your clients get valuable time back, along with money saved.

* Through the optional Jobba Pay payment processing feature, your clients can also make payments on their invoices through Jobba Connect, increasing your collections and cash flow with less resources, while adding to your clients’ convenience.

Help your clients stay organized by providing them with access to their information the way they want
it - with Jobba Connect’s dashboard, consolidated service views and budgeting tools available with a
360 degree view.


Benefits of Jobba Connect


Allow Your Clients Full Transparency

A reliable portal like Jobba Connect gives your clients a chance to easily view important data in
real-time, anytime, and from any device, and frees your staff up from having to answer questions
that can easily be answered through the Jobba Connect dashboard.

Access property info anywhere, anytime:

  • Inspection report that can include photos, aerials, drawings and notes
  • Roof condition summaries
  • Test cuts and compositions
  • Documents and warranty info
  • Professional service recommendations with estimates for budgeting

Decrease Sales Cycle Time

Jobba Connect allows for quicker approval times because the client’s information (inspection
reports, proposals, invoices, etc.) is easily accessible within Jobba Connect where they
can approve and sign off on the proposal.
Clients can also request proposals from you, via Jobba Connect - creating a seamless process.

Improve Cashflow by Decreasing Payment Time

Jobba’s new payment processing service, Jobba Pay, allows your clients to pay invoices via
credit card or ACH right within Jobba Connect.

Increase Productivity

With all the information in one place, clients are able to make decisions faster and respond
quicker with real-time information on hand.
Key documents such as inspections, estimates, and invoices can be accessed via Jobba
Connect. This cuts down on the number of emails related to these subjects and lets the client
have a 360-degree view.

  • One-click work orders, services or proposal requests
  • Track service requests and work order receipts from “dispatch” to “complete” using our package-style tracking

Reduce Margin of Error

By controlling what information is shared, only the latest versions of documents with the correct
branding and signatures will be shared with your clients.

Improve Client Collaboration

Jobba Connect offers extra channels of communication that enhance the experiences of your
clients. When you provide accurate, on-time data and fast responses to their inquiries, you build trust
with them as you become more responsive to their demands. Therefore, a better bond is formed
and this is what enables you to retain your clients through loyalty.

Client-Managed Data

Updating information and maintaining data is now managed by your clients - freeing you up to
focus on value-added activities such as generating inspections, services, and invoices.

All locations, properties, and client contact information that is under public domain (i.e.
information in the “Yellow Pages”) will now be accessible to and owned by the client in Jobba
Connect, while the fields that are specific to your client relationship will remain under your
control and under your ownership - such as Accounting IDs, the Salesperson on account, Bill To
information, Payment Terms, Notes, etc.

Automated Invoicing with the Click of a Button

  • All Invoices marked as “Sent” are automatically shared with the client in Jobba Connect as
    soon as you mark them as “Sent” (no need to email, physically mail, etc.).
  •  All Payments marked as “Posted” or “Cleared” are automatically shared with the client in Jobba
    Connect. This saves time and helps improve your collections and cashflow.
    Automated Requests and Approvals from You to Your Client
  • All Request for Proposals (single or multi-property) added by your clients in Jobba Connect will
    automatically show up as “Requested” Deals tied to the requesting client.
  • All “Submitted” Deals (single or multi-property) or single-property Proposals will automatically
    be shown in Jobba Connect for your clients to review and approve directly in the portal so you
    can proceed with scheduling, etc.
  • All Services marked as “Approved” will automatically be shared with the client, allowing them
    to review the service report and pay you sooner.
  • All Inspections marked as “Approved” will automatically be shared with the client allowing them to review the inspection report and make decisions faster.

Advanced Budgeting and Reporting Tools

  • Budget Matrix tool
  • Projected Service Expenses and Capital Spend report
  • Historic Service Expense and Capital Spend report
  • Invoicing and Outstanding Liabilities report
  • Work History by location and property report

Better Security for Your Clients

Jobba Connect makes use of the latest banking-grade technology like strong end-to-end
encryption, firewalls, anti-virus and anti-ransomware protection, securing client information and
protecting it from data loss.

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