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How do I access Power BI?
  • You should have received an email from Jobba with your login information if you currently have Power BI access as part of your contract
    • If you have not received this email and feel you should have please reach out to  <support@jobba.com> with the following information -
      • Your Full Name
      • Your Email
      • Your Company Name
  • Jobba will provide you with 1 free user login at no cost to you
    • To request additional users please use this form - Power BI License Request
      • *ONLY users that have the initial login information are able to submit to the form
    • Once you initially log in we suggest that you change your password
      • see "How do I reset my Power BI password?" below
How do I reset my Power BI password?
I'm logged in but unable to see my Workspace, what do I do?
  • Email <support@jobba.com> with the following information
    • Your Full Name
    • Your Email
    • Your Company Name
    • URL used to log into Power BI
    • What do you see under "Workspaces"?
      • Any visual like a screenshot is always helpful along with any other details you are able to add that you feel are important and we should know about
How do I edit the report?
  • You are able to filter the data in the report to gain insight and granularity into different metrics depending on the report but the data itself can only be created by your employees as they create Inspections, complete Service tickets, and send client Invoices in the Jobba Application as this is where all the data is pulled from
  • You are NOT able to delete or alter data from the Power BI Report but you are able to access your own data and create custom reports
What is the difference between a Report and a Data Set?
  • The Dataset is the data pulled from the Jobba application periodically used to populate the Power BI Report and Dashboards
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