Unapproving an Invoice to add a payment

This article is for Unapproving an Invoice to add a Payment 

Step 1:

  • From Clients navigate to the Invoice Dashboard
  • Double click on the invoice that you would like to un-approve



Step 3:

  • Type a few letters in the note section and click on update (you can remove after updating, just need to update again)
  • Click ok and hit the back button

Step 4:

  • Click on the Approve Invoice icon, then click on the view report icon (Generate report if you have not already done so)


Step 5:

  • Click on the email icon associated with your invoice

Step 6:

  • If the email address is not already populated, add the email address and check the Mark as billed box


That's it! You have unapproved, approved, mark as billed, and sent the invoice.  You are now ready to enter payments




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