Creating a Service Dispatch

This article is for creating a Service Dispatch 

Step 1:

  • From the client property level, click on the Service tab (1) and then the blue + sign (2)



Step 2:

  • You will see the screen below, fill the required fields in red, click Save.
  • YOU HAVE TO SAVE before being allowed access to the Attachments, Generate Report, Edit Report (will not be active until you Generate Report, Detail buttons.



 (click the back button to see what job type you are using)

Fixed price per item will bring up Deficiencies and Miscellaneous

Fixed price per job, will bring up no items

Standard Service will bring up Labor, Material, Equipment and Miscellaneous

Step 4:

  • Once you enter all your information click Generate Report, then click the Property Service breadcrumb (see arrow below)



Step 5:

  • At Client Property level Service tab.
  • From here you can access your service tickets and dispatch them.
  • Click on the Create Dispatch button



Step 6:

  • Fill in all fields highlighted in red, click Dispatch Service



  • The service technician who is assigned the dispatch will have to accept or decline the job that is associated with that dispatch.
  • To accept the dispatch, from the Client/Property Service tab, click on the blue button with a checkmark (1)
  • To decline the dispatch, from the Client/Property Service tab, click on the blue button with an X (2) 


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