Performing an Inspection

This article is for Performing an Inspection. 

Step 1:

  • After accepting the job from the home page and going to the dispatch screen to open the accepted dispatch you will see the screen below



Step 2:

  • Once you click on site, confirm the picture of the building



Step 3:

  • From this page, you can edit existing sections (1) and add more sections (2)



Step 4:

  • After confirming your section, you can fill in the safety checklist fields that are highlighted in red



Step 5:

  • After completing the safety checklist, you can confirm observations.
  • From here you can edit the observations (1) and add new observations (2)



Step 6:

  • Confirm test cuts, you can edit existing test cuts (pencil icon) and add new test cuts (+ icon)



Step 7:

  • Confirm deficiencies, you can edit existing deficiencies (pencil icon) and add new deficiencies (+ icon)



Step 8:

  • Now that the inspection is complete you can Generate the Inspection report

Step 9:

  • Click Generate Report and choose the template for your inspection report


Step 10:

  • From this screen, you can edit the report in Preview mode

Step 11:

  • After clicking on preview, you can view in full-screen mode , download the report   or print the report 

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